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Techno – Tutorial videos are back ! Introduction to Microscopy by Léon Espinosa.

Here is the brand new tutorial video from IAM team, that is focussed on the Microscopes owned by the lab. 

This first video is dedicated to the presentation of the Microscope and the good news is that it’s in french but english subtitles are also available.

Léon Espinosa explains how to start with LCB Microscopes. The video is divided into several chapters which follow the path of the light sources. It ends with a presentation of the mounts available to users.

Chapters :

  1. Introduction (0’06)
  2. White light (1’14)
  3. Fluorescence (7’56)
  4. Mounts (14’24)


This tutorial video is the first one of a serie that will allow you to become experts in Microscopy.

You can aslo visit this page to watch all the tutorial videos available.