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SCIENCE – We have a new Doctor in our group : Raphaël Rachedi

Huge congratulations to Dr Raphaël Rachedi who brilliantly defended his thesis on March 16th Thesis entitled : New insights into the regulation of heterocyst formation and patterning in cyanobacteria Many thanks to the jury members for their expertise: Pr Iris Maldener, Pr Maria Fillat, Dr Emilia Mauriello, Dr Soufian Ouchan, Dr Erwan Gueguen and Dr […]

PhD position in Microbiology / Biochemistry

Polysaccharides utilization by Gram-positive bacteria: from genome mining to biochemical characterization Laboratoire de Chimie Bactérienne Laboratoire Architecture et fonction des macromolécules biologique CNRS Marseille Keywords: Gram-positive bacteria, polysaccharide utilisation loci, carbohydrate-active enzymes, ABC transporter, biomass conversion The co-supervisors S1. Stéphanie Perret, LCB Marseille S2. Nicolas Terrapon, AFMB Marseille Strategic axis Biotechnologies: Bioenergy, environment and health […]

SCIENCE – The LCB welcomes its 15th team ! Welcome to Florence Bansept

The LCB is happy to celebrate a 15th team creation : Welcome to Florence Bansept. She brings to LCB a brand new expertise on mathematical models as she works on mathematical modeling of the ecology and evolution of host-associated microbiota.If you want to get to know this new team, follow this link.

SCIENCE – Tâm Mignot reçoit la médaille d’argent du CNRS.

Tâm Mignot reçoit la médaille d’argent du CNRS. La médaille d’argent distingue des chercheurs et des chercheuses pour l’originalité, la qualité et l’importance de leurs travaux, reconnus sur le plan national et international. Tâm Mignot receives the CNRS silver medal. The silver medal distinguishes researchers for the originality, quality and importance of their work, recognized […]

Summer internship in Ansaldi team

Are you interested in Microbiology? Do you want to experience the day-to-day life of a scientist and/or an engineer in an academic laboratory? Do you want to be trained in the experimental approach of modern microbiology and bacterial virology? Do you like teamwork and problem solving? Then join us at Phages@LCB ( for a summer […]

SCIENCE – PatB is a transcriptional activator required for nitrogen fixation and cell differentiation in cyanobacteria.

Under nitrogen-limiting conditions, the filamentous cyanobacterium Nostoc PCC7120 differentiates nitrogen-fixing heterocysts at semi-regular intervals along filaments generating a periodic pattern of two distinct cell types. Heterocysts are micro-oxic cells that host the oxygen-sensitive nitrogenase allowing two antagonistic activities to take place simultaneously. Although several factors required to control the differentiation process are known, the molecular […]

COM – La vidéo d’animation illustrant les recherches menées au LCB est en ligne !

Lors de la refonte du site du laboratoire, une groupe de travail associant les étudiants du LCB a mené une réflexion sur la création d’une vidéo de médiation scientifique qui illustrerait les recherches menées dans nos locaux. Cette vidéo est a présent disponible et vous pouvez la visualiser ci-dessous. Compte tenu du public auquel elle […]

Summer internship in Ezraty team

“What is true for E. coli is true for the elephant“ (J. Monod) Our team is working on the consequences of oxidative stress in bacteria. Come and discover our daily life as scientific investigators searching for new antioxidant mechanisms involved in cellular aging and the virulence of pathogenic bacteria. Our approaches : genetics, biochemistry, and […]

Summer internship in Galinier team

Study of a small regulatory RNA in Bacillus subtilis If you are interested in microbiology and in RNA, the Galinier team is proposing a voluntary internship this summer (June-July 2023) to study how a small regulatory RNA (sRNA) regulates sporulation and competence in the gram-positive bacteria Bacillus subtilis. The intern will use molecular biology and […]

SCIENCE – LCB Summer Campus : Summer Voluntary Internships in LCB teams

Are you interested in Microbiology?  Do you want to discover the day-to-day life of a scientist and/or an engineer in an academic lab? Do you want to be trained to experimental approach in modern microbiology? Do you like team work and problem solving? Then you will be thrilled to know that we are providing an […]