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The Com Box

The Com Box is a room dedicated to communication tools for the laboratory. It allows the production of different types of videos, photo shooting, organization of videoconferences among others.

The Com Box is equipped with the following equipment:

– An iMac with various free and paid software for your image processing and video editing (Adobe CC, Inkscape, GIMP …). The Office suite is also installed for presentations. The iMac is connected to a large screen to relay the presentation. The iMac is equipped with an integrated webcam for video conferencing,

– A meeting table that can accommodate 4 microphones to record podcasts,

– A 65-inch TV,

– A Photo / Video studio with Canon EOS 90D Photo/Video Camera equipped with a microphone, 1 tripod, 3 LED projectors (yellow and white light) as well as black, white and green backgrounds,

– A Wacom One graphics tablet to illustrate online presentations,

– A Logitech Spotlight bluetooth pointer for online presentations,

– A Logitech Streamcam webcam in addition to the webcam integrated into the iMac


The Com Box is located on the 3rd floor of N building of the CNRS Joseph Aiguier campus.

To reserve the room, go to the laboratory reservation website. Please collect the access card from Jean-Raphaël Fantino (4294) or Francine Vérin (4447).