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Our team combines diverse and complementary skills ranging from molecular and cellular microbiology to genomics and bioinformatics. We have set up multidisciplinary approaches in order to characterize in depth bacteriophages, viruses of bacteria, that exhibit multiple and fascinating aspects and are also promising therapeutic agents as well as biocontrol tools.

Our research is organized around three main goals:
i. Phage / bacteria interactions and regulatory networks integration
ii. Phage diversity and genomics
iii. Phages as therapeutic agents and biocontrol tools
Our group is a founding and active member of the network which allows us to be part of the evolution of our research field and promote new collaborations. We are also deeply involved in Microbiology education at Aix-Marseille University as well as in science dissemination.
We host trainees from all education levels, feel free to contact us to join this dynamic and exciting research field!

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Phage / bacteria interactions and regulatory networks integration


Phage diversity and genomics


Phages as therapeutic agents and biocontrol tools

Research in this axis focuses on the integration of (pro)phage proteins into the bacterial regulatory network, allowing them to either take control of the host in order to multiply in the case of virulent phages, or, on the contrary, to confer a selective advantage when considering prophage-encoded regulators.

Legend : Tracking infection with fluorescent phages

Legend : Phages@LCB

Legend : Host-prophages interactions

Phages are at heart of the genomic “dark matter”. We wish to increase the knowledge on phages to enrich the databases and to discover new functions. Part of our work consists in isolating new phages and characterizing them at the infectious and genomic levels, which opens the way to further molecular studies.

Legend : Mixed plaques of phages

Legend : Phage bouquet

Legend : Siphophage kiss

Antibiotic-resistant strains makes phages a weapon of choice in the fight against bacterial infections. We work on the therapeutic potential of phages in combination with antibiotics at the single-cell level. We also develop biocontrol and diagnostics tools to control bacterial infections.

Legend : Phage DNA injection caught in the act

Legend : Pills of phages (credit: Eliza Wolfson @eliza_coli)

The Team

Mireille Ansaldi

Group leader / Research director (DR-CNRS)

Nicolas Ginet

Researcher (CR-CNRS)

Amel Chaïb

Researcher (CDD-AMU)

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