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Financial Management

Vanessa BIMBI

  • Unit Financial Resources Management  .
  • Teams Financial Resources Management
  • Missions and mission returns
  • Events: logistics and financing
  • Orders: delivery and tracking

Francine VERIN

  • Financial and accounting management of LCB under the direct responsibility of the Unit Director
  • Missions organization related to the performance, implementation and monitoring of financial and accounting operations of the CNRS and AMU
  • Budget and decisions management related to the forecasts and expenses of the unit
  • Organization of various budget statements from the various information systems available

Secretariat and human resources

Delphine LEROI

  • Human resources management, CNRS and AMU contracts
  • Welcoming and supporting staff members, interns, foreign collaborators, seminarians
  • Management of administrative tasks, watch, missions in contact with the CNRS and AMU delegation
  • Unit data archive and formatting
  • Preparation of visiting committees
  • Carry out missions of collective interest in communication, training and health and safety


Jean-Raphaël FANTINO

Research Engineer of the laboratory, attached to the IAM team, he is the CNRS laboratory’s communication correspondent and has been involved, since his arrival at LCB, in various communication projects. Since 2018, he is a member of the Com’On network. He brings his know-how to the laboratory teams in terms of:

  • Video shooting and editing 
  • Graphic designs
  • Scientific figures
  • Website creation



He is the IT manager of the laboratory. He takes care of the administration of the network (architecture, upgrading, cabling) and of the unit’s IT equipment (computers, laptops, peripherals, software) for which he takes care of maintenance (orders, servicing).

He assists and advises users who must contact him for declaring laptops before connection.



He is in charge of setting up and developing digital (RT)-PCR technology at LCB.



He is in charge of bioinformatics support at LCB.