Iron Sulfur Proteins : Biogenesis, Regulation and Function meeting

The next Iron Sulfur Proteins: Biogenesis, Regulation and Function meeting that will be held from 26 to 30 September 2022 in Sainte Maxime (South of France). Click here for information and registration As in every edition, oral presentations will be selected from abstracts. After these terrible two years, we anticipate an exciting scientific meeting and […]


In this study, published in the journal STRUCTURE, the group of Romé Voulhoux in collaboration with KT Forest group’s (University of Wisconsin, USA) and Loïc Quinton’s group (Liège university Belgium) propose the first experimentally validated three-dimensional structural model of a complete Type 4 Filament. Using a combination of microbial, biochemical and biophysical techniques including cross-linking […]

Science – Portrait of Emilia Mauriello

Portrait of Emilia Mauriello (in French), researcher at LCB and winner of the Bronze medal of the CNRS 2020. A portrait produced by Gianluca Sferlazzo for the Provence Corse Delegation of the CNRS.

Science – Remote control of the reactivity of the active site in a molybdenum enzyme

In this study, published in the journal ACS Catalysis, the group of Axel Magalon together with Guigliarelli’s team (BIP) and JP. Duneau (LISM) show that a group of conserved residues located at a long distance from the metal active site controls both substrate access and proton transfers, and thus strongly modulates the catalytic properties of nitrate […]

Lablife – Christmas @ LCB

To celebrate Christmas with dignity this year, two competitions were organized at the LCB : The competition for the most beautiful eco-responsible Christmas decoration : The winning floor is the 3rd of the building N   The ugliest sweater contest: Artémis, Hugo and Yann had the heavy task of electing the 3 winners who are […]

Science – New Paper

HprSR is a Reactive Chlorine Species-Sensing, Two-Component System in Escherichia coli : Read the article